The Media Space and How I came to be in America for the Summer

The media space is an interesting thing, it is everywhere you have connection, and now a days we, as humans, can’t go 5 minutes without being connected to the world. I often find myself just checking my phone for the time even if I have a watch on, or experiencing the Phantom Pocket Vibration theory where you think that your phone is vibrating when it really isn’t (Mental Health Blog, n.d.).

I’m currently based in New Jersey, USA for work over the summer, it surprises me how many places have accessible wifi. Every bar, cafe, shopping outlet and grocery store has wifi and you are able to connect easily without any hassles.

In 2005 I was connected to Bebo and in 2008 I expanded and became a ‘big kid’ by joining the social media world of Facebook and from there everything expanded, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Tinder, and for university, Twitter. It took me a while to learn that posting 5 times a night about a boy or how much I disliked school and all of my assignments was actually seriously annoying as I am able to look back and reflect on 2008 to now thanks to Facebook memories.

The media space didn’t take long to take off and it was soon a phenomenon to be a part of. It expands every day with new games that you need to connect to with Facebook, or you can match with players around the world. And now there’s Pokémon, that’s actually getting you up and moving and exploring areas around you. This could be a game changer for the socially awkward or obesity around the world.

A subject I took last semester (MGNT102) taught me that the more we are connected to the media and technology, the less we are in the place we are meant to be in. We need to find the balance between technology connection and the interpersonal connection to the world to have near perfect communication with one another. Our heads get so involved with what is going on in the media and online, that we often forget the people and things around us.

My story entails how I got to the USA in the first place, soccer coaching, even when I haven’t played soccer in my life. I applied for a job online back in March 2015 to be a soccer coach for pre-schoolers; I worked for the company for a year until my health had to come first. Having gone to Business College I was required to set up a Linked In account (another media account!) and continue to make connections for future career perspectives thus updating my job status. Through this, I got a message from my current boss asking me to come and work for them for 18 months. After constant back and forth conversations of e-mails, Skype interviews, FaceTime and so forth, I agreed to work the summer and here I am. It took 8 months to set up, sorting out the VISA, saving money and fly across the world, and during this time, we had contact all the time, FaceTime, e-mail, Whatsapp, everything was possible to make the transition and 2 month move as smooth as possible.