Does it matter who ‘owns’ the media?  Who owns the media you use? Does this make a difference?

It’s a simple but complex question this week. Yes it does matter – but why?

There are four main people who ‘own’ the media – Bruce Gordon, Rupert Murdoch, Kerry Stokes and Gina Rinehart – all playing a big influence on what we see and how we see things that the media portray. The control of Ideology has been a big influence on the world ever since Hitler controlled the idea of ideology in the 1930’s. He did this through the propaganda to win public support within the political system (http://www.theholocaustexplained.org/ks4/the-nazification-of-germany/impact-of-the-nazi-state/how-did-the-nazis-use-propaganda/#.VRnFVfk0V8E). This showed massive amounts of POWER and how Hitler was able to use this propaganda to gain supporters and followers during the Nazi period.

Being able to have ACCESS to practically every possible type of media source available can be quite scary, but also a positive experience – if you use it properly. Everyone, no matter how hard you are to find on Facebook or how private you think your settings are, someone is always able to find you and the things you post. Everyone has access and that is the beauty of living in the world where everyone is interconnected.

The owners of the media Bruce Gordon (Australian Television Network, WIN Corporation), Rupert Murdoch (News Limited), Kerry Stokes (The Seven Network), Gina Rinehart (Share holder of Fairfax Media and Ten Network), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), all own and control what we see in the media. Media reaches everyone in the world no matter where you are and the truth gets twisted to the way that the media owners want you to see it. No matter what the media will ALWAYS be CONTROLLED by someone – generally with plenty of money so we need to be conscious of bias media influences when viewing the media.

Although during the topic of who owns the media, it is very important to consider that we all in a way own the media. Wondering why? It is because we have to ability to produce and be a part of the media now a day’s more than we ever could have 20 years ago. We all have some sort of media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. – we control what we see and what we post and how far the posts can go in terms of your privacy settings used on your accounts. Your PRIVACY settings allow you to have no one see your information and posts or allow the whole world to see these posts. Let’s look at example – we all know the unknown colour of the Blue and Black or White and Gold dress. That picture was circulated so quickly around the world via multiple types of media sources, Facebook in particular. Within a week of that dress going viral, Ellen Degeneres had the dress and the makers and the buyer of it all on her show in America. It makes me wonder sometimes what I could post to get the attention of famous people. Another classic example was the Ice Bucket Challenge or the leaked celebrity photos that circulated because The Cloud was hacked. At the same time, we have to be careful with what we are posting, reblogging, tweeting and so on because once something is posted online, it then technically isn’t yours. Ever read the Terms and Conditions of the Facebook website? No one ever does let’s face it, but Facebook in their Terms and Conditions have stated that once the User posts a picture of something – it then does not belong to the individual , it belongs to Facebook! (https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms) Are you KIDDING me! Like seriously, so all of my year 9 selfies with my friends aren’t mine anymore?! WHAT. A. SHAME!

Does this really make a difference to everything? Not really, I didn’t know who controlled the media, I didn’t know who owned and I didn’t know about most of what I have spoken about until I actually went to the tutorials and lectures. Even though it doesn’t make a difference, it still matters – there is too much on the internet and in the media that the work doesn’t know about and it really should be considered as to what should and shouldn’t be shown and advertised. We should know the true story not the story that the media want us to hear.


How did the Nazis use propaganda? – The Holocaust Explained Website. 2015. How did the Nazis use propaganda? – The Holocaust Explained Website. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.theholocaustexplained.org/ks4/the-nazification-of-germany/impact-of-the-nazi-state/how-did-the-nazis-use-propaganda/#.VRnFVfk0V8E. [Accessed 30 March 2015].

Facebook. 2015. Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. [ONLINE] Available: https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms. [Accessed 30 March 2015].


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