Week 3 – What do you see and what do I see?


Most of us all know about the Hunger Games and the basic concept of it all. But when you really try to define what a picture is trying to say without knowing anything about it – it is important to understand what an image is really saying.

Let’s try something – ignore everything you know about The Hunger Games and just think what is truly in the picture. What do you see?

For me, I see – a young adult female with a bow and arrow wearing dark clothes in a forest. I also see the writing “The Hunger Games” in big writing and in smaller writing “May the odds be ever in your favour” and a bird in the circle with an arrow in its beak. Somewhat like it is trying to dodge the arrow and catches in while it is coming toward the bird.

The signified of this image makes the girl look like she is hunting for something in a forest like environment, although it is unsure what for and the bird along with the writing which captions the picture. You could leave the meaning at that if you know nothing about “The Hunger Games” but the reason I chose this, was because I do know about it and I could actually elaborate on something like this.

With the arrow pointing to the writing on the image, it leads your eyes to read the message “May the odds be ever in your favour”. Who’s favour, is it mine or yours? What odds? What’s happening? At this point, if you don’t know anything about the image, and you’re reading the famous line, you will defiantly be asking yourself those questions.

The dark colours and the bright writing tells you that something is happening to the girl, like she is trying to hide, and the writing may well be seen as the thoughts that she is having .

For those who truly don’t know what is happening within this picture, or even if you do, keep reading.

Let me introduce you to Katniss Everdeen otherwise known as Jennifer Lawrence in real life. The Hunger Games is a series movie that is based around “Tributes” being put into an arena and you have to stay alive as long as you can without being killed by the other people from other districts (Districts are like towns – but you don’t connect or associate with them). Katniss volunteered for a sister in the first  hunger games and won with Peeta Mellark from her district as they portrayed a “Love story”. The slogan of the Hunger Games is “May the odds be ever in your favour”.

Therefore Katniss is hunting to save her life and looking away from the screen as she is showing awareness to what is going on around her.

The symbol of the bird is a Mocking Jay. She chose this pin or broche at the towns markets the day that she was taken from her family to fight for her life. It is a Mocking Jay that is a symbol of protection – therefore it is protecting her.

I see this image or in other words – the whole book and movie to be outrageous as it about killing people to stay alive for your own good.  Don’t get me wrong, they are great movies and books series, I just think it’s a bit bizarre for someone to think that it was a good idea for people to be killing each other for their life. I wonder if it comes back to what we spoke about in week two – does the medias violence have an impact on the viewers?


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