Is it a true image?

pic 2

When you look at this image do you see the perfect model shape that the media portrays or do you see the shape that it should be showing?

The media now days has access to far too many resources that allow images to be cut, edited and remade from its original image. How do you even know if it is a true image of a person or not? We are being led to believe that a skinny, beautiful looking model with no flaws is actually what she looks like, but in true fact, she has the pimples on her face, scars on her legs, no hip bones showing in real life. The media is portraying the wrong image – especially for younger girls looking at these types of media being published – magazines especially. There is no wondering in why girls (and guys) in today’s society feel self-conscious and ashamed of their body.

The image selected for this week’s (week 3’s) blog, shows women in today’s society of all shapes, colours and sizes. They seem happy and confident to be in their own body. They are wearing simple white bra and undies which could be seen as a purity or perfection in society. The fact that the image has writing on it saying “The Perfect Real Body” with the “Dove” company logo on it shows that the image could be a campaign image. It could be to promote a healthy body image to help women in particular with their body image to show confidence.

For some other people viewing this picture they could see it as an offensive image in terms of seeing ‘half naked women’ wearing a possible incorrect fitting of lingerie or find it not true because they don’t personally believe that that is THE perfect body image to have. For others they may just see a bunch of women being happy and could quite possibly think they are lesbian or gay.

This image could have been used in the 1950’s if they really wanted to, because back then, it was the true body image and the program Photoshop, was not discovered yet. Although they would not need to have the words “The Perfect Real Body” as this is what society saw already as perfect. It could be used in today’s society and it could be used in the future to show generations that this is a positive body image campaign that shows that people can be happy no matter what size, shape or colour they are.

The fact that Dove has used lots of difference shapes, sizes and coloured women, can help everyone in society as they would be able to connect with one of these women in seeing similarities. Although everyone has different interpretations of what a “perfect body image” is, it is important to consider what the media does to images in magazines and on TV etc. Some truly distort an image to the fact that they are not even recognisable in real life. Imagine the anxieties that the models would have if they go to a photo shoot, see the pictures and don’t even recognise themselves after all of the editing and photo shopping that has been done. It is not fair on the model and it is not fair on all of the viewers seeing a distorted imperfect picture of what they think is a perfect person.

Let me show you a little video that dove made to reassure girls viewing the media that no one is perfect. There are plenty more videos on YouTube out there showing how the media is betraying your perceptions of people as well – but here is just one.

The images are lying! As for this image – you can only hope they haven’t gotten skinner women to the photo shoot and photo shopped them to make them look bigger. How wrong can society get…?


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One thought on “Is it a true image?

  1. I love this advert! I love how the girls are ‘normal’ and not photo shopped to look perfect! Good choice of advertisement for your blog! Check my blog out regarding week 3’s lecture topic 🙂 look forward to hearing what you think about it!


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